What I Did Today Instead of Working on My Dissertation, #4

Well, I actually worked on my dissertation. But only for a few hours! I read my "Area Statement Process Guidelines," which, to my surprise, was only 3 pages long, but with many pages of helpful examples. I worked on some questions for a survey that will give me data for my dissertation, and when I got frustrated, I went to Target (of course) and bought O a new push toy and some kitty litter.

No, I don't have a cat.

3 Responses on "What I Did Today Instead of Working on My Dissertation, #4"

  1. Becca says:

    Hmmmm... potty training are we?

    Congrats on getting your paper accepted!

    Connie says:

    kitty litter? hmmmm isn't it a bit early to be stocking up for snow?

    Kate says:

    Ha! Good guesses...Actually I'm trying to get the mothball smell out of an old cedar chest from Hap's. Pam gave it to O for her birthday, and had it painted with her monogram and chalkboard paint on top. So cute! I want to put her toys in it, but not until it doesn't stink anymore!