And now for something cuter than training...


Ophelia and I went to the park the other day for the first time in a while. It was a beautiful day. Baby Girl LOVED being outside, and played with lots of leaves and sticks and grabbed handfuls of dirt. It was awesome.

And today I gave her a teething biscuit for the first time. I think she's gonna be a sugar addict like her parents. She freaked out and demolished the thing, bits of biscuit shrapnel and schmears all over her clothes, her face, her hands, the table.

Thanks, everyone!


Thanks to all of your support, I have exceeded my fundraising goal for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society triathlon. Sam still needs LOTS of support though, so don't be afraid to give to him!

They're ordering our wetsuits today, which is pretty cool. We'll get to use them at the end of the month at a practice swim at Innsbrook.

Training week 5 went like this:

Monday, 3/2: Sam 5 mile run in 42:44, Kate off
Tuesday, 3/3: off
Wednesday, 3/4: Kate 3.4 mile run, Sam 6 mile run
Thursday, 3/5: Kate 1200m swim, Sam 1300m
Friday, 3/6: Kate 2 mile walk in the park with O, Sam 7.5 mile bike
Saturday, 3/7: Kate 16 mile bike on Riverfront Trail, Sam off
Sunday, 3/8: Sam 2300m swim, Kate got her birthday wish -- to sleep