2 down, 2 to go...


Little Zoe was born to our friends Theresa and Damien Friday night. So sweet and pink!

There were four of us from the same workplace that got pregnant at about the same time (within about 8 weeks of each other). Cristal's girl is due two days after I am. Becca has had Amalie, Theresa has had Zoe. Beautiful little girls both! And I'm jealous...

I expect I'll be next. My doctor says I won't go till my due date. I'm already dilating, lost my plug (yes, it's pretty much what it sounds like) and am having contractions all the time, but without any kind of regularity. Unfortunately, what I am having is pretty serious back, pelvic and hip pain. For the first time since I've been pregnant, I've taken Tylenol. It's 5:30 am now and I've been up since 4 cause I couldn't sleep with the pain. That's after I woke up about 4 times prior to that last night. Sam has been wonderful, putting his full weight behind his hands when pushing on my lower back / pelvis, which seems to help a lot, although temporarily.

So cross your fingers, send your vibes, say a prayer, do a dance or some voodoo, whatever you do, to make this baby come soon. I think I'm gonna be pretty unpleasant until he or she is here...

Evel Knievel, Sam ain't.


But he tries really hard.

On his way to pick me up from the airport Saturday, Sam had his first-ever car accident. He can tell you the details, but some guys tried to run him off the road with, as the cop called it, "malicious intent."

Despite his amazing ability to handle a car and intuitively know what to do in a crisis situation, he still wrecked. And he's fine. Not a scratch or a sore muscle.

Check it out:

Car's in the shop now, getting an estimate. What's totally cool is that they have photos posted on their website so you can watch the progress as they work on your vehicle. Neato.

Next time, I told him, wreck your own car.

Update 6/25: Estimate is $5200. Yikes! Repair in progress, and I'm kinda having fun driving my rental Pontiac G6. It's got some pickup!

8 1/2 months-ish...


I was all dressed up for my shower...

But this is how I am most of the time in this HEAT:

Thank god for Patty taking me to the pool. I recommend NOT being pregnant in the summer.

I had my last ultrasound this week and the baby is 5 pounds, about 18-19 inches, head down, and doing well. Now I just need to make it through the heat wave in Baltimore this week and I'm home free. I'll be full-term when I return (technically, at 36 weeks), so I'll be telling baby to come on out and join us.

Plus, I want him/her to stop getting hiccups that push his head onto my bladder. Yow.