Evel Knievel, Sam ain't.

But he tries really hard.

On his way to pick me up from the airport Saturday, Sam had his first-ever car accident. He can tell you the details, but some guys tried to run him off the road with, as the cop called it, "malicious intent."

Despite his amazing ability to handle a car and intuitively know what to do in a crisis situation, he still wrecked. And he's fine. Not a scratch or a sore muscle.

Check it out:

Car's in the shop now, getting an estimate. What's totally cool is that they have photos posted on their website so you can watch the progress as they work on your vehicle. Neato.

Next time, I told him, wreck your own car.

Update 6/25: Estimate is $5200. Yikes! Repair in progress, and I'm kinda having fun driving my rental Pontiac G6. It's got some pickup!

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