8 1/2 months-ish...

I was all dressed up for my shower...

But this is how I am most of the time in this HEAT:

Thank god for Patty taking me to the pool. I recommend NOT being pregnant in the summer.

I had my last ultrasound this week and the baby is 5 pounds, about 18-19 inches, head down, and doing well. Now I just need to make it through the heat wave in Baltimore this week and I'm home free. I'll be full-term when I return (technically, at 36 weeks), so I'll be telling baby to come on out and join us.

Plus, I want him/her to stop getting hiccups that push his head onto my bladder. Yow.

3 Responses on "8 1/2 months-ish..."

  1. Becca says:

    Hiccups on bladder, not so bad.

    Hiccups on butthole, much worse!

    Have fun in Baltimore!

    I doubt that you'll get much sympathy from Con. She was pregnant 3 times in the summer. IN HOUSTON!!!!


    Connie says:

    Ok, actually a TON of sympathy...cause I really would not want to be in Baltimore in July, nor on an airplane at 35-36 weeks.