Do we ever move?


No. We sit in the same spot every day. Ophelia just lies around looking cute, and I hold her, talk to her if she's awake, feed her if she's hungry, and generally only put her down when she's sleeping. And, I take lots of pictures of her.

She likes it when I sing to her, and today I played her some blues on the Rhodes, and it put her to sleep. At first it seemed she wasn't that into it, and I was worried we had a brewing Alex P. Keaton situation here... A baby of ours who doesn't like the blues? For shame...

Her first time in a onesie, courtesy of Mrs. Morrow.

Sam photographs his "lazy family" on a Sunday morning.
Mutt was sleeping at my feet but apparently got up when Sam grabbed the camera.

More gushing...


Rare waking moments

got milk?

This baby is headphone ready.

Chewy guards his baby sister.

Dad's finger tastes like motorcycle (says the monkey baby).

Can I gush?


Don't worry, I'll just do it through photos...

Obviously, she sleeps a lot.

Attack of the killer baby!!

Sniff, sniff..."Smells like milk"

She's finally here!


Ophelia Susanne was born at 4:01pm on Wednesday, July 16th. She weighed in at 6 pounds, 12 ounces, and was 20 inches long. She's the cutest newborn I've ever seen, although I suppose I'm partial.

Thank you to everyone for your phone calls and emails. I'm sorry if we haven't been able to get back to everyone yet, but give us time. We're busy staring and being amazed right now...

The second she was born, I said, "Is it a boy or a girl?" and the doctor simply turned her bum towards us for a look. Sam said with shock, "She's a girl!" We were surprised. But I had had a feeling over the last few weeks (supplemented with dreams) that she would be a girl, even though 99% of everyone who looked at me said I was having a boy.

As soon as we saw her (after a quick <10 style="text-align: center;">Grandma and Grandpa (mom's parents)

My niece Jane (surrogate big sister!)

My niece Mary (future babysitter and surrogate big sister!)

My nephew Peter (surrogate big brother) and niece Genevieve (future co-conspirator)

We're open for visitors to come over, so feel free! I think every day's plans include stare at Ophelia, play with Ophelia, feed Ophelia, change Ophelia, show off Ophelia.

And for all of you wanting to know "What will you call her?" we'll call her Ophelia. Weird, huh? For those demanding nicknames, Sam and I have been naturally calling her Ophi and Leelee, so there you have it.

The happy family

By the way, there are those newborn photos they take in the hospital (which usually look like crap, but these are actually pretty good) available here:

Or you can go to Web Nursery and put in Ophelia's birthdate and place. The password is Ophelia, and you have to know our last name.

And another one bites the dust


Isabel Mariana was born to my last pregnant buddy Cristal on Friday, July 11th.

Cristal was due two days after me. Even Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman have had their babies!

I'm thinking this week it's gonna happen...really, seriously....