Do we ever move?

No. We sit in the same spot every day. Ophelia just lies around looking cute, and I hold her, talk to her if she's awake, feed her if she's hungry, and generally only put her down when she's sleeping. And, I take lots of pictures of her.

She likes it when I sing to her, and today I played her some blues on the Rhodes, and it put her to sleep. At first it seemed she wasn't that into it, and I was worried we had a brewing Alex P. Keaton situation here... A baby of ours who doesn't like the blues? For shame...

Her first time in a onesie, courtesy of Mrs. Morrow.

Sam photographs his "lazy family" on a Sunday morning.
Mutt was sleeping at my feet but apparently got up when Sam grabbed the camera.

1 Response on "Do we ever move?"

  1. larissa says:

    the real question... does ophelia prefer memphis or delta blues?

    - larissa