Is that the Larium or am I losing my mind?


It's Monday night, and I'm becoming more and more excited for my departure. And more prepared. And more nervous. Yesterday we had a fantastic bon voyage at the park, playing softball in the rain, chasing the dogs, and eating burnt cow from the barbeque. It was VERY American, and exactly what I needed before leaving.

Later on I started getting dizzy and weird and felt like I was tripping. I couldn't really talk, and I wasn't blinking. I felt really paranoid, and my mind was racing. It sucked. Sam kindly put up with me until some french fries and a little "Night at the Museum" seemed to make it better. I hadn't eaten much other than chips and dip all day, was dehydrated, and I think the stress of leaving was starting to get to me. It isn't so much the leaving, but all of the things I need to do before then. Namely this freakin' analysis that I want to never ever see again after I leave. Fat chance. No offense, Corrado.

I've already been "that girl" and emailed all of the participants in the day camp and coordinated stuff for us to bring for the schools (at the request of the organization) so that we don't all show up with 500 pencils and none of the other things we need. I have a feeling I'll be the oldest person there. Maybe not, but that's the impression I'm getting.

Anyway, it is not my intent to bore you to tears with the mundane rubbish of my daily life. I've started this blog (as much as I hate to have a blog) as an easy way to stay connected and share my experiences in Tanzania with you all. I'm hoping I can upload photos while I'm gone as well. Stay tuned.