Prepping for the holidays. I'm in crafting mode, trying to get stuff done before tomorrow. Hmmm. I've got almost every present finished, but I was hoping to knit myself, Sam and O stockings before Christmas was upon us. I'm about halfway done with Sam's and that's it.

Looking forward to time together as a family. The week off between Christmas and New Year's is the one time we actually get a vacation together. This year, we're doing nothing, and I can't wait.

Ophelia is teething like crazy. Any day now, any day...

I'm working on editing some videos to post. But for now, some pics:


Our first real tree! It smells awesome. And both Sam and I had a lot of ornaments from our childhood. I have some from my mom and dad's families, and have started a collection for our own little family.

O is lying on a beautiful quilt made by the fabulous Jenny from Alaska (code name "Denali," although I keep forgetting to call her that)

Holiday aftermath


The Christmas show was great fun. Everyone was fabulous. I couldn't think of better people to work with in this town, nor a better cause. It was very cool to hear people I've never heard before, from voice to bass to fiddle. It reaffirms my faith in local music...

And, thanks to John Wendland and everyone for getting me back on stage after a 4-year absence. I miss it terribly! It really felt great, after the nerves began to subside...

I'll leave the critique to the professionals and direct you to Roy Kasten's post with photos and video on KDHX's blog.

"I have heard of your paintings too, well enough"


Our friend and local artist / musician / art shop owner Dana Smith painted a wedding portrait of us, and it has debuted on Dana's website, Asbestos Sister. Check out his work...

And, gratuitous Baby Girl photos:

With my sister Stephanie at Thanksgiving

With my mom at Thanksgiving, wearing the outfit Sam's mom gave her

With her new friend, Bob the Sock Monkey.
This was purchased when I enforced the "you chew it, you buy it"
rule at the Rock N' Roll Craft Show

And doing her two new favorite things...flailing arms and throwing!

Taken with my computer camera as we learned the ins and outs of Gmail's Video Chat.
Mutt's hiding in the back of this one, and BG is hiding from herself.



This first one courtesy of Jenny...

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

And this one because I just couldn't stop laughing...