Prepping for the holidays. I'm in crafting mode, trying to get stuff done before tomorrow. Hmmm. I've got almost every present finished, but I was hoping to knit myself, Sam and O stockings before Christmas was upon us. I'm about halfway done with Sam's and that's it.

Looking forward to time together as a family. The week off between Christmas and New Year's is the one time we actually get a vacation together. This year, we're doing nothing, and I can't wait.

Ophelia is teething like crazy. Any day now, any day...

I'm working on editing some videos to post. But for now, some pics:


Our first real tree! It smells awesome. And both Sam and I had a lot of ornaments from our childhood. I have some from my mom and dad's families, and have started a collection for our own little family.

O is lying on a beautiful quilt made by the fabulous Jenny from Alaska (code name "Denali," although I keep forgetting to call her that)

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  1. larissa says:

    thanks for the soap.

    Oh, look... a post about knitting and quilts. Guess we're even.