"I have heard of your paintings too, well enough"

Our friend and local artist / musician / art shop owner Dana Smith painted a wedding portrait of us, and it has debuted on Dana's website, Asbestos Sister. Check out his work...

And, gratuitous Baby Girl photos:

With my sister Stephanie at Thanksgiving

With my mom at Thanksgiving, wearing the outfit Sam's mom gave her

With her new friend, Bob the Sock Monkey.
This was purchased when I enforced the "you chew it, you buy it"
rule at the Rock N' Roll Craft Show

And doing her two new favorite things...flailing arms and throwing!

Taken with my computer camera as we learned the ins and outs of Gmail's Video Chat.
Mutt's hiding in the back of this one, and BG is hiding from herself.

2 Responses on ""I have heard of your paintings too, well enough""

  1. So is O wearing the outfit from Sam's mom, or is your mom wearing the outfit from Sam's mom?

    Ok, just had to say that I recognized and enjoyed the humor in the quote in the title of this article. Has anybody else remarked on it?