Well that about sums it up!


You must read this link to a NY Times article on travel to St. Louis. This guy basically did what I do on a weekly basis, hitting all of my regular favorite spots and neighborhoods. Incredible. I'm pretty sure I've been to every one of these places in the last month, if not the last week. Too cool.

Yet another reason why St. Louis is awesome, and I love to call it home. Keep hoping I don't have to leave...

Also, check out this website about why St. Louis is awesome.

Some Ophelia photos and better news from Larissa!


Now that I'm off the Facebook and Twitter to focus on writing, I figure I'll update my blog a little more frequently with pics of Ophelia and other happenings. In the meantime, here's a blog post from Larissa, with some photos of O's visit to the farm!

The post also tells Larissa's good news (no cancer!) and not-so-good news (mild emphysema). We went down to ol' Belgrade to celebrate farm style!