Ophelia's Holiday Card


Merry Christmas, y'all. And here's to a better year.

Veterans Day


I'm posting this email from my dad. We're really proud of my nephew Jeff, and my cousin Bryan and everyone who is serving right now. In addition to the internet being wonderful for being able to see what's happening in real time, it's also great because I get to see constant updates on Facebook from Jeff out of Afghanistan. It helps us all to know that he's safe and keeping his wicked sense of humor...

On this Veterans day we should honor, remember and pray for those vets who gave their service, their health or their lives to provide the freedoms we enjoy. We should also honor and pray for those who are presently serving our country.

Here are some pictures of our grandson Jeff who is serving in Afganistan which were taken by an embedded reporter from Yahoo's picture site. Isn't the internet wonderful? This is the first war where we get personalized images the same day they are taken.

Jeff is with the 3/509th PIR (Parachute Infantry Regiment), normally based at Ft.Richardson in Anchorage, Alaska, but they are now operating out of FOB Tillman in Afganistan, about 3 kilometers from the Pakistan border.


U.S. Army medic SPC Jeffery Wasser of 3/509 Infantry 4BDE25ID Task Force Geronimo sits during a patrol in Patika province November 10, 2009.REUTERS/Bruno Domingos (AFGHANISTAN CONFLICT MILITARY)

U.S. Army medic SPC Jeffery Wasser of 3/509 Infantry 4BDE25ID Task Force Geronimo jokes with Afghan children during a patrol at Patika province, Afghanistan, November 10, 2009.REUTERS/Bruno Domingos (AFGHANISTAN POLITICS MILITARY

U.S. Army medic SPC Jeffery Wasser of 3/509 infantary 4BDE25ID Task Force Geronimo fires during a training session at FOB Tillman, Afghanistan, November 11, 2009 REUTERS/Bruno Domingos (AFGHANISTAN MILITARY CONFLICT)



It looks like Blogger is making my photos look crappy, but you'll get the gist. These first photos are from Ophelia's day care. She had on her school-appropriate costume: Piglet.

Ophelia's primary caretaker, Melissa, and Henry. Her two best friends at day care!

Ophelia as Piglet and me as House. You can't see my cane or bottle of Vicodin.
Or my surly attitude.

The administration dressed up as the Brown Bear book.

And now, the not-school-appropriate REAL Halloween costumes:

Lois and Stewie Griffin. Ophelia is in character, hating me. She was terrified of me all night.

Victory shall be mine!!

Sam is The Good, from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Raleigh makes the most adorable train!

Jenny as a witch doctor and Mariah as Mother Nature.

Random photos from the last month


Yes, I'm lazy, tired, and have been neglecting the blog. But I hate to deprive Ophelia's fans from photos. She has become such a little person. It's amazing. So here are some pics from my new awesomely amazing camera. This first batch is from a trip down to the Rook's farm Labor Day weekend. I tried to give the animals the right names, but correct me if I'm wrong, Larissa...

Jason and Samson

Jason's daughter Amber

Sam, O, and either Lil' Ann or Jeliza Rose

Dogs and pigs, living together...it'll be anarchy.

The lady of the land, Larissa

Herschel, perhaps?

Patrik, I believe...

Audrey givin' Rza some love