It looks like Blogger is making my photos look crappy, but you'll get the gist. These first photos are from Ophelia's day care. She had on her school-appropriate costume: Piglet.

Ophelia's primary caretaker, Melissa, and Henry. Her two best friends at day care!

Ophelia as Piglet and me as House. You can't see my cane or bottle of Vicodin.
Or my surly attitude.

The administration dressed up as the Brown Bear book.

And now, the not-school-appropriate REAL Halloween costumes:

Lois and Stewie Griffin. Ophelia is in character, hating me. She was terrified of me all night.

Victory shall be mine!!

Sam is The Good, from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Raleigh makes the most adorable train!

Jenny as a witch doctor and Mariah as Mother Nature.

1 Response on "Halloween!"

  1. Lindsay says:

    I must have gotten lazy by only checking out your blog when it also posts on Facebook, but holy cow! Great Halloween!