Birthday Babe BBQ Bonanza!

All photographs by my dad, aka Grandpa. Here, the adventure begins...

wait for it...

wait for it...

There it is! Icing hand in the hair.

Grandma Meyer and the birthday girl

Grandma Eddens and the birthday girl

Auntie Stephanie with the birthday girl

Steph's husband (my bro-in-law) Ray

My brother H.R., aka The Godfather...

...and Vicki, my sis-in-law.

My sis, Pam. Could you tell?

My nephew Jeff...

...his wife Brenda...

...their girls Brianna...

...and Baylee...

...and the motorcycle Jeff bought while home on leave from Afghanistan.


My nieces Mary and Jane

Pam and Peter

Pam and Peter, again

Genevieve and my mom


Pam and her girls

Jason and Casey

The spread in our dining room...

...and the toy spread in the family room.

Sam and Daanish record for posterity

The backyard finally lets some grass grow

My dad got a kick out of my Rat Fink shirt.

Peter and Peter play washers. It wouldn't be a South City party without washers.

Brianna and Baylee play ball with Raleigh.

Casey and Lana monitor the children. Yeah, that includes Sam.

The proud papa.

Master of the Weber

I made this!

And the sad-looking white one is the gluten-free version. I ran out of time and energy and didn't spend as much time on the icing, if you couldn't tell...

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