What I Did Today Instead of Working on My Dissertation, #1

Every Monday, my mother comes over and watches Ophelia so I can work on my dissertation. More precisely, my area statement, but that's just a bunch of mumbo jumbo, so saying dissertation is fine. Yet every Monday seems to come and go without too much accomplished. Well, at least without too much writing accomplished. So I decided to start a weekly blog post to tell you all what I do on Mondays instead of working on my dissertation. Plus, at least then I will have written something, right? And thus it begins...

#1: wandered aimlessly around Target and purchased a new pair of black One Stars, a first-aid kit, and a notebook. To get the creative juices flowing, you know?

1 Response on "What I Did Today Instead of Working on My Dissertation, #1"

  1. Connie says:

    A new notebook is required for any new project. Which is why I have about 40 bazillion notebooks with the first 20 pages written in......and the rest, blank.