Lights! Camera! Ophelia!

I finally got around to posting some video of Ophelia on You Tube. I haven't posted video so far because I had all these ones that I wanted to edit first but, meh, here's some relatively recent stuff that's pretty funny and cute sans editing. At least for those of you who haven't gotten to be around O much, you can see a bit of her personality and charm...

2 Responses on "Lights! Camera! Ophelia!"

  1. Connie says:

    headbanging baby girl is too cute! I seem to remember that one of our kids would do that (but can't remember which one). The world makes such pretty patterns when you wag your head around!

    Watching that also reminded me of when Kit was tiny--we'd take him EVERYWHERE with us, and he'd flirt with all and sundry.

    Kate says:

    Heck yeah, I'd bang my head around all the time if it wouldn't just make people wonder...

    Yes, Ophelia LOVES waving at people and getting their attention. She's a total flirt.