A sigh of relief, and then the nail-biting continues.

I realize it's been almost a month since I've posted. No worries, I've got plenty of adorable O photos to share.

It's been busy. Really, really, no-one-should-ever-be-this-busy busy. Between the end of the semester, tri training ramping up, one brief trip for a conference and one coming up in two weeks, and trying to get my uncle's house cleaned out, we haven't had a minute to spare. Training has been interrupted with life, and life has been interrupted with lots o' work.

Our first tri is in 3 weeks. I'm excited. Not only to do the tri, but to have my life back, my time with my daughter back, and my friends back. And I'm tired of asking people to babysit. We'll still be training for two more tris, but at least we can be more flexible with our schedules.

I've completed my last semester of coursework, forever. THAT is the sigh of relief. But I'm already biting my fingers thinking of the work that has to be done this summer. I've got to write my area statement, which is generally about 120 pages of lit review in my subject area. And, I'm still trying to manage a massive 5-year research study in about 20 hours a week. It's all pretty overwhelming.

But, I've got the most delightful girl in the world to brighten up each and every day. She's trying to walk now, and getting better at standing. She still doesn't have any interest in crawling or scooting. She wants to be on her feet. She points and says "da" about everything. She babbles incessantly, and screeches with glee and fury. She's eating all sorts of delicious foods, but blueberries, raspberries and yogurt melts are her faves. At her 9 month appointment, she was 80th percentile for length and 40th for weight, so she's getting leaner as she stays long. I can't wait to NOT have to come home from work, see her for 1o minutes and then turn around and leave her. Although more work to be done means she'll be gone another day a week now, and that makes me sad. I miss her whenever I'm away, but sometimes I'm too tired to really enjoy her when I'm around. Working's a drag, man!

But, I bet y'all miss seeing her even more! So without further ado...

Ophelia terrorizes Raleigh's cat

Raleigh and O, waxing poetic about toasted oats

Those glasses lasted about 30 seconds.

Mother's Day photos with daddy

8 Responses on "A sigh of relief, and then the nail-biting continues."

  1. Lana aka sappy mama down the street says:

    I actually have tears in my eyes. It's been ages since I've seen her (or so it feels) and I'm afraid she'll be a new girl when I see her. Oh, and I miss her mama...

    Kate says:

    I know!!! I miss you too. I went to tell Casey to tell you that, but he was already gone. Hopefully we'll see you Monday. We'll plan something!! I miss you and R! Just 3 more weeks and things will be more relaxed...

    larissa says:

    wow, ophelia really takes after her daddy. i've seen sam stick his whole hand in his mouth before.

    hope things settle down for y'all. so you can come on down to the farm for another visit.

    - larissa

    Kate says:

    Thanks, Rizza, I'd love that. I think that would be an awesomely relaxing time...

    larissa says:

    cool. maybe you can witness herschel in action. ;-)

    how'd that yarn turn out? curious to know how it stands up to a knitter.

    - larissa

    Lindsay says:

    O's arms kinda look like Popeye's in some of those highchair pictures. Ahh-guck-guck-guck! (hoping to resemble Popeye and/or Ophelia there...)

    Kate says:

    It's all that darn spinach we give her.

    Larissa, I haven't gotten to the yarn yet, but I'm planning on taking it with me to Reno. I'm so excited to use it! O will have new arm/leg warmers...

    Lindsay says:

    Just in time for the summer! ;)