Trivia night madness!

Trivia night was awesome. We raised $2,133 for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and I'm pretty sure most everyone had a blast. Now I'm thinking we're gonna do this every year. We had an eclectic crowd, from Sam's friends and family, mine and Hap's friends and family, to MSW students, my PhD cohort, a bachelorette party, WU physicians and faculty...a packed and rowdy crowd! Thanks again, everyone, for making it such a great night. The MC, Matt Kull was a riot. I highly recommend him for your trivia nights. Or maybe just to hang out with you and make funny comments as you performing your activites of daily living...

Now Sam and I really need to get back on the training. We've been a little undisciplined the last few weeks, and I can feel it. But, the semester's over in two weeks, and I can focus again on work and training. are some photos from the night!

MC Matt

Sam the bartender

Team Voltron!

International Team of Trivia

The Morrow table

Sam's family and Hap's friends (the second table here)
tied for second place -- The Long Hairs team!

These are the smiles of winning first place...My family!

The S.P.s, tied for second

Team Castro's Lunchbox

The bachelorette party!

Julie, Patty and Matt

Julie and Mark

Patty and Matt

Brooke and I scoring rounds

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