Training through week 4

Training is going good. This is a rest week, so the work isn't as tough, and honestly, I had a busy week at work and skipped a few workouts, and Sam was sick, so he missed some as well. But, so far, here's how it's gone:

Sunday, 2/15: swam 900 meters
Monday, 2/16: Sam ran 5 miles, I took the day off
Tuesday, 2/17: swam 1000 meters -- Sam - 25 m in 20 sec, Kate - 25m in 28 sec
Wednesday, 2/18: Sam ran 5 miles, Kate ran 5k
Thursday, 2/19: day off
Friday, 2/20: Kate cycled 30 min indoors, Sam 3 mile bike outside
Saturday, 2/21: Kate cycled 28 miles in 80 minutes inside, Sam biked 7 miles outside
Sunday, 2/22: Kate swam 1700m, Sam swam 1800m
Monday, 2/23: off day
Tuesday, 2/24: Kate swam 1000m, Sam was puking
Wednesday, 2/25: off day
Thursday, 2/26: off day
Friday, 2/27: off day...again...good thing it's a rest week!
Saturday, 2/28: Kate -- ran 42 minutes on the hilly Queeny Park trails
Sunday, 3/1: Both swam 1800m -- the toughest swim so far!!

Now we start a pretty intense build-up week, so I'm looking forward to the challenge. Sort of.

It was great to come home from a tough workout this morning and see that two more people had donated. Thank you ALL for your support!! I've raised almost $2000 (I have some checks at home to send in, so they aren't reflected on the website yet). Sam's still struggling, but we plan on having a trivia night/silent auction in early April, so that should help.

Thanks again, everyone!

2 Responses on "Training through week 4"

  1. Alissa says:

    How on earth do you entertain yourself enough to do 80 minutes of cycling indoors? I get intensely bored after around 7 minutes and that's with the gettin' pumped music.

    Kate says:

    Actually, I plop the bike in front of our computer upstairs, and watch back-to-back episodes of "Weeds" on Netflix watch-it-now. Then cycling is very entertaining!