BFF, baby style...

I babysat Raleigh the other day. Raleigh is probably Ophelia's only small friend. He's 10 months older, but they've been hanging out since she was born. Well, at least their moms have.

I snapped these with my camera phone because it was just too cute watching them. O just kept smiling at Raleigh, trying to grab him, and cooing at him. Poor Raleigh had just woken up, and he kept giving the "done" sign to Ophelia! After a few minutes though, he was showing her how to play with the octopus, and giving her books and stuff to chew on. It was so sweet. BFFs indeed.

2 Responses on "BFF, baby style..."

  1. Lana says: love.

    Typical Eddens girl... sweet-talkin' the guy into stuff when he's not even awake!