How I feel about stats:

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  1. Becca says:

    Haha! I'll have to show that to Bobby!

    Hopefully your last stat class?

    Stats, testing and measurement are what finally pushed me out of being a Psych major at Rice. Of course, that meant that I eventually ended up designing my own major, which in turn made me like school again and led to all sorts of good things. So I guess I should appreciate stats more, huh?

    But I don't...

    Kate says:

    Sadly, I'm not even taking a real stats class this semester. I feel like I've taken a LOT of stats classes, yet all the stats classes in all the world couldn't fill the gap in my mathematical brain function.

    The worst part is I actually LOVE stats! Analyzing data is FUN! It's like solving puzzles and playing games all day long. I'm just a lousy data manager as compared to say, a people manager. Which I'm pretty good at, but is much less fun. Hopefully my data management course this semester will help.

    I'm still trying to do the appropriate analysis on data that're approaching 2.5 years old...But Kassandra tells me factor analysis, path analysis, and structural equation modeling are in my future with this one...

    Magic don't fail me now!

    Connie says:

    You are all missing the point! The point is that Graph Jam is a totally addictive website..some of the graphs there are just too funny.

    Darn you Kate! I snorted diet pepsi through my nose reading some of those graphs :-)

    Kate says:

    I know, isn't Graph Jam the coolest!?!