Help us fight leukemia and lymphoma!

Sam and I are competing in a triathlon with Team in Training to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We're doing this to get fit, to meet the challenge of completing a triathlon (1000 meter swim -- almost a mile, 28 mile bike, 6 mile run), and to raise money for a good cause.

Some of you know that my Uncle Hap is fighting chronic lymphocytic leukemia right now, my brother H.R. defeated Hodgkin's lymphoma about 15 years ago, and my Dad's (and Uncle Hap's) mother passed away from blood cancer. We've had leukemia and lymphoma affect three generations of our family. Let's stop it from attacking a fourth.

You can donate online at my personal Team in Training site.

Sam's site will be online tomorrow, and I'll put a link up. I'll also be sending out an email as well as snail mail, so you'll be reminded in many ways! Know that every dollar counts, so please donate anything that you can. We'll also take offers of babysitting, as we have to train 6 days a week. More details to come.

2 Responses on "Help us fight leukemia and lymphoma!"

  1. What's the deadline for your goal?

    Kate says:

    March 31st is when we have to recommit, and then I think we can continue to raise funds until a few weeks before the event. I have to check on that...