BG is 4 months old!

Baby Girl is now 4 months and 1 week old. She had her 4 month check up, and she's still long (25.75 inches; 95th percentile) and lean (15lbs, 5 oz; 80th percentile), and has a huge head (90th percentile) which she definitely gets from her no-hat-fittin' daddy.

She grabs, she holds, she puts in mouth. She laughs out loud, and watches everyone with great purpose. Today she flew down Grant's Trail wearing her pink bear suit on her belly on blankets piled atop her stroller, but Sam wasn't stopping long enough for me to get my camera. She was thrilled. You can at least see the bear suit below. Some may think it's torture, I call it adorable.

This is baby girl in her totally mod dress and rainbow Punky Brewster-style Baby Legs, although everyone thought she was a boy that day. I thought it was appropriate clothing for our artistic adventure. We went to the museum to see the Pollock/DeKooning Action/Abstraction exhibit. Ophelia LOVED watching Pollock on video and cooed and ooed at the Pollock paintings. I told her I loved Pollock too. She was also very fond of the DeKoonings, but lost interest and started to protest as we moved into Lee Krasner and Arshile Gorky. She's got taste, my girl.

Ready for transport in her pink bear suit.

Smooching daddy at Casey and Lana's. We've started alternate date nights, so we watch Raleigh while they go out and they watch Ophelia while we're out. This weekend we were there on Friday night, and Lana was at our house with O Saturday night while we FINALLY went to see The Dark Knight. Woah. Seriously dark, seriously impressive. I'm just glad I still got to see it in the theatre. And, there was a trailer for the new Terminator movie which I am eagerly anticipating. I love Terminator, and I'll see anything with Christian Bale in it. So how great are the two combined? Awesomeness. Maybe Baby Girl will think so too, someday...

3 Responses on "BG is 4 months old!"

  1. Becca says:

    Baby + pink bear outfit = cute. Always!

    I have a celebrity crush on Christian Bale. I haven't seen the Dark Knight yet, though. Darn babies, messin with my movie watchin'

    Christy says:

    She is too cute, Kate!

    Lana says:

    You are a rad mama keeping this blog up. I can't even consistently remember you have one much less attempt something myself. ;) Love seeing the pics and reading your commentary. Love that munchkin!