And now, an Ophelia update!!

It's been so long! Ophelia's devoted fans have been dying for a morsel of new information or a peek at a picture. So here you go:

First, election day! Ophelia was very excited, as was her Auntie Lindsay. I think you can't see it, but O's wearing an "I voted" sticker. Voter fraud. Don't tell.

Next, Halloween with a headless Grandma E!

And O's best friend Raleigh as a chicken:

And before that, Ophelia spent a few hours with Auntie Patty:

And momma returns from her meeting to a happy baby at Patty's place:

And Ophelia somehow gets super-baby strength and throws Mutt, and then looks kinda surprised with herself?

Daddy and O:

Mommy and O:
Grandma M and O:

Us, Ophelia, and her godparents, Pam and H.R. (my sibs):

She is developing so quickly. The coolest thing is that she straight-up laughs, particularly if you get up in her face. She thinks that's hilarious. Her hands are open most of the time now, and she can grab stuff and hold it, and of course put it in her mouth. She's got great head strength, and can sit up if you prop her against pillows or support her lower back. She eats her hands and fingers and sometimes sucks her thumb, particularly when she's falling asleep. She's REALLY vocal, and makes lots of noise. She's becoming more opinionated. She can sleep for 7.5 hours, but she doesn't do it every night. Today I bought her Sophie the Giraffe from France, and she totally laughed at her when I held it in front of her. Babies are weird. I think Sophie is kinda scary.

She's still unsure about the camera, which is why you see the slack-jawed look in many photos. I did take some video of her the other day, so I'll try to get that up eventually.

So that's the news for now. I'm good, busy with work and school and the Babe. I'll try to update more often, but at least expect an update after her 4 month checkup in a week or so. I think she's huge, so we'll get to see how huge she really is.

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