Woah, gosh darnit, and yay!


Gosh darnit:

and Yay!

3 Responses on "Woah, gosh darnit, and yay!"

  1. Becca says:

    *read as fargo accent*

    thanks for postin' that. I was searchin' high and lo for the clip.

    At least she didn't refer to 'jo mama!

    Lindsay says:

    I think I see you in the background there at Wash U texting me. :)

    You know, I used to be a big Keith Olbermann fan but he's gotten shriller and less objective as this campaign has slithered along to it's slimy conclusion.

    So now, I want to say, "Yea, Craig Ferguson!" Yes, this election is being contested by two serious, patriotic men. Let's stop slathering over all the gotchas and the trivia and the arguments that are the political equivalent of "my mom is prettier than your mom." Pay attention, America! Let's talk about the real issues and the real solutions and not about who said the meanest thing yesterday. Honest to God, people, we're not in 4th grade any more! Do your duty, be truly informed and vote on the issues, not on who you think is dreamy!

    But that's just my own damn opinion...