The circus comes to town

Last Thursday, I was one of 600 lucky people (well I was lucky, others were rich) who got to see the Vice Presidential Debate in person. I was going to write all about how cool it was, and what an honor, but I can sum it up pretty quickly.

Get to campus, campus was a mess, wait, wait, wait, I got a ticket!, get on the bus, go through security, watch the media circus, be sad TMZ isn't there, stand behind Mike Bush and Deanne Lane so Lindsay, my mom, and Sam could see me, text Lindsay while she watched me on TV, go inside, stand in line for 20 minutes for the ladies room, sneer at young people with McCain pins (old people are more excusable), shake hands with Jay Nixon, almost brush up against Chris Wallace, settle into my nosebleed seat where I can see one podium (whose will it be?), spot Bob Schieffer, Katie Couric, Joe Lieberman, envy another PhD student I see sitting in a much better seat, watch Rudy Giuliani and his wife come in, take a picture of Gwen Ifill for Lindsay (not allowed), be real quiet as debate starts, oh, bummer, we get the view of Biden, shudder at "I'd like to talk about energy" and "maverick" repeat, repeat, text Lindsay (also not allowed), repeat, repeat, debate ends, take lots of pics of the families mingling on stage, shuffle out, return my little WU seat cushion, and then...the coolest part of the entire night....walk past a stunningly beautiful girl in the hallway and realize it is

Rosario Dawson!!

Debates are cool.

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