Alright, this is me pregnant, Mandy. :)

Here I am at 7 months, checking out a crack in the ceiling, maybe?:

And my mom took this picture at 6 months in San Diego.

Pregnancy does nothing for my girlish figure. I hear that baby just gets bigger too. Joy.

4 Responses on "Alright, this is me pregnant, Mandy. :)"

  1. Anonymous says:
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    Becca says:

    wow! you look so cute!! Completely, totally relate to the gaining weight. I just stopped paying attention. First pregnancy I was all like, 8 pounds in one month, stress! Now, um, I say wow I feel fat, can you get me some brownies?

    Thanks for the linky!

    Anonymous says:

    I love your boobs. :)


    Mandy says:

    I so want to rub that budda look SO cute!! You're right, the boobs are god!!!