News from the abyss...

Hi everyone, I know I've been a total slacker on the blog. But, I did promise certain people that I would not be a "blogger" upon my return, and that the blog was simply an easy way to communicate from Tanzania. But, I've had several out-of-town friends say they check the blog to see what's up, so I figure a few new posts now and then wouldn't actually make me a blogger. I hope.

Updates: Started PhD. Got married. Got pregnant. Went on honeymoon to Montana.

Baby Meyer is due July 24th. I promise to put up photos when the day comes.

For now, I figure I'll put up some photos from the wedding, and a link to ALL of my photos from Tanzania. I may still post a few here, but there are over 1800 photos. I know. Out of control.

School starts again next week, so I'm sure I'll be busy as hell. But, right now, I'm sitting on my butt watching Veggie Tales. Seriously. I didn't do it on purpose, but it came on after Saved by the Bell. Welcome to pregnancy.

2 Responses on "News from the abyss..."

  1. Becca says:

    A Ha!

    Caught you!

    I randomly click on your old blog and what do I find? A new, well 3 new posts!

    I was going to say, with you impending arrival, you could turn your blog into a mommy blog... It's so hard to resist ;)